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Welcome to New Life RolePlay SA:MP

RealLife RolePlay

RolePlay means a simulation of reallife.
You have money, a bankaccount and can buy a house and/or a vehicle.


We think the server is great, but every server can’t be 100% done.
A fix? Maybe, but we can also add another function.

Can we do it better?

With your imput we can make the server better and better.
Do you know anything that we should add or found a bug? Please tell us!

What you can do

  • Drive around (self spawn vehicles)
  • Be a faction member/leader
  • Buy your own House
  • Choose your OWN State (LS,LV,SF)
  • Choose your own Skin at signup

Are you ready to join?

Hostname: samp.nl-rp.nu
Port: 7777
Max players: 300
Name format: john_smith (example)

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